Photography Services

On Site Studio

Portrait Studio

Portrait Studios add glamour to your event. Add to the cherished memories that your guests will take away from your big night. Impress them with providing onsite prints, as well as a fantastic array of design options. Such luxury for a very reasonable price.


Create the perfect Atmosphere at your next event with 4 sixty inch high definition displays that can be used for everything from picture slide shows to split screen videos that will inspire and entertain your guests. Create that wow-factor you're looking for with a distinctly unique atmosphere for your event. And - no messy clear tape, paper products and ribbons to have to clean up after all the festivities are over.

wandering photobooth

Wandering Photobooth

Wandering photobooth is exactly what it sounds like - a brilliant mobile version of the fan-favourite photobooth. Unlike our traditional Photobooth rental this clever addition does not require floor space as one of our fun and professional photobooth operators moves around with the wandering photobooth. Our photobooth operator will gently encourage your guests to take advantage of the service and create great memories they will cherish their whole life.



Photo Mosaic creates a mural of your logo or whatever image you would like from hundreds of individual photos and put up on a large display for all of your event guests to see. 

Graffiti Wall

Your next event needs a Digital Graffiti Wall for several exciting reasons. First imagine a very talented artist performing for your guests, creating a unique piece of art right before their eyes.

Graffiti Wall
Dance Heads

Dance Heads

Star in your own music video and have a blast with our Dance Heads service that captures video of your head and superimposes it onto the body of a professional dancer on our big screen displays for all to see. 

Fred The Bull

Fred is our outta this world, mischievous, full sized raging bull that will mesmerize your event guests for hours.

Fred the Bull
event photography

Event Photography

Event Photography is one of our most popular services we offer. From fixed position photographers to roaming event photographers we can photograph anything you need.


E.V.A. is a new member of our team that offers eye popping entertainment live at your next event. She is an open air Photo Station that allows guests to see them selves on her touch screen while they are taking photos.

Green Screen


Our Green Screen systems allow us to create hundreds of different types of diverse backgrounds for your event's guests. We can superimpose Tattoos, transform you into a super hero, you can run with the bulls, ride a rodeo bull, or make your own movie or event poster.

Green Screen
photo festival

Photo Festival

A Photo Festival is an interactive Social Media driven service to add to your next event allowing guests to take their own pictures using their smart phone and upload them to Instagram and Twitter using a unique #hashtag we will help you create just for your event.

open air photobooth


Ed is our new open air PhotoBooth that features slow motion video, onsite printing and more.

open air photo booth


Picture This Photobooth is always a great addition for your special event. Whether your event is casual or formal, Calgary photobooth brings life to your party and takes up very little operating space. Calgary Photobooth is a great way to bring value your event, to create memories and to help your guests break the ice.

Calgary Photobooth